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ISHM has made fine arrangements with various top class universities and institutions in UK/ Canada/ New Zealand and Singapore to provide its students best opportunities to develop a GLOCAL ( global and Local) career in hospitality.

Through these arrangements students will be able to spend the final part of their study time at partner universities and institutions abroad. This will help them earn awards on completion of studies. For students, this will mean a seamless transition from India to various foreign study destinations and a lifelong learning experience.

During these programs and their stay abroad, students will also be able to undergo internships/ work placements which will help them gain more practical experience at the international level. On completion on their course, needed placement assistance will be provided to ISHM students by our partner institutions. With such arrangements, talented students from India will have an unique opportunity.. to explore work opportunities throughout the globe.

Spend two years in India and final year at a foreign partner university/ Institution.
Twinning degree programs are most cost effective- it guarantees to save 2/3rd of the cost.
Strong start in familiar Indian environment.
Once basics are learned, students polish their skills by completing final year abroad.
Opportunity to earn globally recognized qualifications /degree.
Opportunity to get international exposure.
World class faculty and infrastructure both in India and foreign Institution.
Multicultural environment.
Other Advantages
Global career: strong possibility to stay and work abroad after course
Work placement assistance both in India and abroad.
Small class room size
Great locations
Part time work allowed for 20 hours/ week in most of the countries.
Network with people across the globe


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8 July 2012
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8 July 2012
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