Career is something what defines us in a long run, so the decision for choosing it must be well thought after. ISHM experts have devised a process based approach which helps students to decide the right path and go for what they are actually best suited. In this process equal importance is given to technical aspects and student interest.

The process involves following steps:

Student fixes up appointment with career counsellor and provides his/ her details.
Counselling experts go through the complete track record of student and prepare necessary reports for reference.
On their visit to counsellors, students are asked about their area of choice and interest.
Complete comprehensive information is provided to student about area which student prefers.
As every field of work demands some adjustments, students are made aware of both sides of coin for the area of interest. Counsellors discuss their life experiences with the students.
Information about other courses which are recommended for student based on academic track records are also discussed in detail.
Once the student is provided with all the options a follow up discussion is conducted which helps students to clear all the doubts and reach to consolidated results.
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