PERSONALITY: Personality is defined as the enduring personal characteristics of individuals. Basically personality development is improvement of behaviour, communication skills, attitude towards life and interpersonal relationships. Hospitality industry is all about interpersonal relationships and dealing with people and for this reason, it becomes a mandate for a student in this industry to have a bright and charming personality. At ISHM we work upon polishing 3 main personality traits of students, these are: CHARACTER, BEHAVIOUR and ATTITUDE.

We make sure each student of our institute maintains high level of character possesses god behaviour and has appositive attitude. This makes an ISHMite a complete personality.
COMMUNICATION: “A man is best known by the way he speaks” and an ISHM students knows this fact well. Communication skills are something which makes or breaks a career in hospitality industry. In an average day a professional in the hotel industry or tourism industry interacts to around 20 different people, for some positions this number extends up to 500 as well. In such a scenario it becomes very imperative for students to be trained in communication skills right from the beginning. Various programs and workshops are conducted on and off at ISHM campus to ensure students have right skill set when it comes to communication. Some of the programs which are part of regular schedules are:
Public Speaking Program: Stage exposure, group activities, course presentation assignments are some activities which every ISHM pass out would have faced before graduating. These activities enhance public speaking skills which is much required in today’s world
Spoken English Program: Guides students how to speak English, fluently. We not only focus upon how to speak, but also upon what to speak
Spoken English Program: Written English Program: Practical knowledge of writing industry specific mails, business letters and in depth knowledge of written English

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8 July 2012
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8 July 2012
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